Lies, Dang Lies, and the Republicans

The GOP is lying about Democrats’ position on Israel — again.  Earlier in May, while debating HR 3237, which would provide 1.9 billion dollars in “emergency supplemental appropriations” as response to the January 6 insurrection to better provide resources to Capitol police, Tony Gonzalez using a motion to recommit, tried to put an amendment into …

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One last election —

After the many challenges of the 2020 election, Democrats around California may be thinking they can hang their local politics hats up for a bit. Georgia’s Senate race consumes much of our time and activism, but there’s one more local race we must all vote in. Assembly District Elected Members (ADEM) elections are in January. …

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What are ADEM elections and why are they so important?

Every two years the California Democratic Party (CDP) holds meetings for voters to elect 14 Democrats from 80 Assembly Districts to represent them at the annual CDP Convention. These people represent YOU in your Assembly District and are elected to make important decisions on your behalf.  What do ADEM delegates do? Delegates vote and conduct …

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Call to Action: Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum

In August 2019, California Department of Education released the first draft of an Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum, which was roundly condemned by Jewish organizations. Californians submitted thousands of public comments, and a new draft was put in the works. On August 3, 2020, the CDE released that draft. Numerous changes were made, but there are lingering concerns. …

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Bring the Ballot Box to the People!

We are urging Californians to contact Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris to vote YES on the “Natural Disaster and Emergency Ballot Act,” which would expand early in-person voting and vote-by-mail to all states for the November election.