PZC urges the AAA to vote No on Israeli Academic Boycott

PZC urges members of the Anthropological Association of America 

to vote NO on the Resolution to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions

June 9, 2023

Progressive Zionists of California (PZC) joins the Alliance for Academic Freedom, the Academic Engagement Network and multiple co-endorsers in its
statement in opposition to the 2023 Anthropological Association of America (AAA) Resolution to Boycott Israeli Academic Institutions. 

In 2016 the AAA attempted to pass another deeply flawed and divisive resolution for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions. It failed. Once again, anti-Israel members are putting forth a similar resolution, and the voting takes place from June 15 – 30, 2023.

The statement in opposition to the 2023 boycott states:

“While the Resolution asserts that Israeli academic institutions are “complicit” in the oppression of Palestinians, the reality is that Israeli university leaders and faculty work hard to foster Arab-Jewish coexistence and ensure a diversity of opinion on their campuses, including support for Palestinian voices….An academic boycott would undercut the important work for peace and social justice being undertaken by many Israeli academics, as well as constructive and potentially transformative efforts to bring Israeli and Palestinian scholars together on joint projects.”

Read the entire statement in opposition to the 2023 AAA academic boycott here.