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PZC at 2023 JPAC Conference
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Who we are

Progressive Zionists of California (PZC) is a diverse cohort of Zionist leaders, educators and activists committed to building robust advocacy in progressive spaces, educating activists about Zionism and antisemitism, and supporting a lasting peace in Israel and Palestine.

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What we do

PZC is an innovator in the field of issue and policy advocacy. We achieve results by mobilizing and empowering communities, collaborating with key stakeholders—from grassroots activists to elected officials—and building bridges between progressive Zionists and progressives at large.

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Why we are different

  • We build coalitions inside and outside the California Democratic Party through activism, education and engagement.
  • We proactively address anti-Israel rhetoric, disinformation and antisemitism in California Democratic politics and adjacent progressive spaces.
  • We advocate for progressive and democratic policies at home and in Israel-Palestine, including the need for a viable two-state solution.
  • We are the only independent, non-profit organization in California with this mandate.