What are ADEM elections and why are they so important?

Every two years the California Democratic Party (CDP) holds meetings for voters to elect 14 Democrats from 80 Assembly Districts to represent them at the annual CDP Convention. These people represent YOU in your Assembly District and are elected to make important decisions on your behalf. 

What do ADEM delegates do?

Delegates vote and conduct Party business at the yearly State Convention and Executive Board meetings, including:

  • Election of CDP Officers and Regional Directors
  • Vote for the endorsements of the CDP for partisan legislative and statewide offices
  • Vote for positions on ballot propositions
  • Can author CDP Platform planks, Resolutions, and submit Legislation for official endorsement by the Party
  • Vote on the official CDP Platform, Resolutions, and Legislative endorsements

How do you get your ballot?
This year, ADEM elections are ALL by mail.

  • Request your ballot here no later than January 11, 2021.
  • Postage will be paid by the CDP, and all instructions included in your ballot.
  • Be sure to fill out the ballot request form exactly as you are registered. You can check your name and voter status here.
  • All ballots must be received by January 27, 2021.

The decisions made by delegates impact the values and direction of the California Democratic Party. This is why it’s important to know who is running and to vote.