Reject Divisive Israel/Palestine Floor Fight This March!

Update: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Democrats for Israel California  and Democrats for Israel Los Angeles on this important initiative! Check them out HERE.

Your voice is needed to ensure that the California Democratic Party Platform represents our values and priorities as Democrats. Many of you submitted testimony to the 2022 Platform Committee before last year’s deadline, asking that language on the Middle East continue to recognize Israel’s future as a secure and democratic Jewish state alongside a sovereign Palestinian state, with dignity and security for all.  

Despite having multiple opportunities to provide oral and written testimony, anti-Israel activists are mobilizing to include platform language that supports a unilateral Palestinian right of return to Israel, removes the word “Jewish” in describing Israel as a “Jewish and democratic state”, and more. However, the fact is that the overwhelming majority of feedback about the platform was to keep the language as it is.

Together, we will let state party leaders know that focusing an inordinate amount of time on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict does not represent the will of California voters, bring peace, or help solve the conflict. 

Thank you for signing! We will keep you posted on any developments.

No Israel/Palestine Floor Fight at the March 2022 Convention!

Fellow California Democratic Party members:

We are California Democratic Party (CDP) voters from across the state. We write to urge against a platform floor fight on (or related to) the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the March CDP Convention.

A floor fight is a forced vote—obtained by collecting the signatures of less than 10% of the convention delegate body—to change the language, via amendment, of the proposed 2022 Platform.

We commend the CDP Platform Committee for conducting their operations with the utmost transparency. The Platform Committee encouraged Democrats from every region in the state to provide written and/or oral testimony on all platform planks. The committee provided both an online means and six regional hearings (via Zoom) for Democrats throughout the state to weigh in as often as they desired.

We understand that there are a spectrum of voices speaking on this issue. We do not seek to discourage healthy debate. But the proper venue to have that debate was at the regional hearings, and ample opportunities were indeed offered for people to provide their comments.

The CDP Platform, Resolution and Legislation committees already spend a disproportionate amount of time dissecting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, relative to the host of issues directly affecting California Democrats.

Numerous polls show that healthcare and climate change are the primary concerns of Democrats in our state. A floor fight does not represent the will of the great majority of California voters, nor will it do anything to solve the conflict on the ground.

As such, we respectfully ask that you put the needs of California voters first. Our state faces profound challenges: an ongoing pandemic, climate change, lack of affordable healthcare and housing, crushing student debt, and more.

As this is an endorsing convention, it is time that we come together to elect Democrats who will address the urgent needs of California Democrats. Only together can we make a better California.

Thank you!

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