Jewish groups applaud CA Democratic Party platform’s wording on Israel

J the Jewish News
MARCH 14, 2022

In addition to the previously mentioned groups, others that worked to ensure the party’s stance included Progressive Zionists of California, the California Legislative Jewish Caucus, the California Young Democrats Jewish Caucus, the American Jewish Committee, JIMENA, StandWithUs and A Wider Bridge. Support also came from California congressional delegation members, party leaders, activists and other elected officials.

“After working for months in advance of the convention, it is heartening to see hundreds of hours of calls, emails and Zoom meetings result in a platform that remains pro-Israel and pro-peace,” Susan George, executive director of Progressive Zionists of California, told J. “Our organizing efforts specifically focused on empowering the full breadth and diversity of the Jewish community, and as a woman Zionist leader whose voice is often silenced, I hope progressive Democrats of all backgrounds will be even more inspired to help with these types of grassroots efforts.”

“A lot of the kavod [Hebrew for ‘respect’] goes to the activists, the party activists, and a lot of folks who organized testimony up and down the state to make the case for strong, pro-Israel language in the platform,” Gabriel said. “The [Jewish] Caucus is grateful to Democratic Majority for Israel, Democrats for Israel and all the groups out there who did this important grassroots work.”

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