Our 2020 Central Committee Recs

It’s election season! Progressive Zionists of California has recommendations for candidates for Democratic Party County Central Committee — check them out!

These are the candidates who align with and support our mission. If you are interested in a candidate who is not on this list, we invite you to ask them their position and share what you learn with us!

Solano/Contra Costa/Sacramento Counties

11th Assembly District

Bridgette Hunley

14th Assembly District

Thomas Bilbo

Tiffany “Tiffanee” Jones

Alameda/Contra Costa Counties

15th Assembly District

Michael Nye

Igor Tregub

Los Angeles County

36th Assembly District

Suzann Reina

38th Assembly District

Michelle Elmer

Jim Hilfenhaus        

Lysa Simon

45th Assembly District

Scott Abrams          

Cecile Bendavid      

Leah Hertzberg       

Richard Mathews    

46th Assembly District

* Paul Kujawsky        

50th Assembly District

Rachel Pearl Bracker

Imperial/Riverside County

56th Assembly District

Agi Kessler

San Diego County

71st Assembly District

Ryan Darsey

Charda Fontenot

Tom Lemmon

Tiffany  Maple

Judith Walters

75th Assembly District

Gary Bland

Pam Bland

Robert “Bob” J Hamilton

Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson

Heather Roberts

Georgine Tomasi

George Van Hasselt

76th Assembly District

Francine Busby

Bill Fowler

Marguerite Kealey

Kyle Krahel

Marie “Maria” Mc Eneany

Daniel RF O’Donnell

Sheri Sachs             

77th Assembly District

Jason Bercovitch     

Esther “Sunny” Escovedo

Danny Jackson

Terry Norwood

Torrey Powers

78th Assembly District

Wendy Levy Batterson

Zach Bunshaft

Raul Campillo

Cynara Kidwell

Codi Vierra

79th Assembly District

Andrea Beth Damsky

80th Assembly District

Roberto Alcantar

Kate Bishop

Andrea Cardenas

Steve Castaneda

Nathan Fletcher

* Progressive Zionists of California Executive Board member