Support the Partnership Fund for Peace Act, H.R. 3104 and S. 1727!

Dear Friends,

It is time to focus on building trust through people-to-people connections and cooperative ventures for the Israeli and Palestinian people, in order to foster conditions on the ground that will help make two states for two peoples possible.

The Partnership Fund for Peace Act, H.R. 3104 and S. 1727 aims not just to build businesses and create jobs, but also to tackle the incitement and dehumanization that have plagued both sides of the conflict for too long. This legislation establishes a fund whose purpose is develop economic cooperation, deepen people to people exchanges, dialogue, and to further the ideals of coexistence and reconciliation. Its long term objective is to keep the possibility of a two state solution relevant and tangible.

The main sponsor of The Partnership Fund for Peace Act is the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP). ALLMEP gathered a historically broad and diverse coalition in support of this bipartisan bill: A partial coalition list includes:

  • ADL – Anti-Defamation League
  • AJC – Global Jewish Advocacy
  • Ameinu
  • Israel Policy Forum
  • J Street
  • Jewish Council for Public Affairs
  • Jewish Federations of North America
  • Kids4Peace

Progressive Zionists of California wholeheartedly supports this bill! We’ve come together to launch this campaign and welcome your support. We’re calling on our supporters to contact their House and Senate representatives to support this groundbreaking and vital legislation.

Not sure who your Congressperson is? Find out HERE. Not sure what to say or write? We’ve got a script below.

Dear Representative/Senator:

I ask that you co-sponsor H.R. 3104/S. 1727, the Partnership Fund for Peace Act. This bipartisan bill would provide $250 million over five years to support Israel-Palestinian economic cooperation, as well as peace-building programs in order to improve economic cooperation and people-to-people exchanges, coexistence, dialogue, and reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.

This bill, supported by a wide range of organizations, explicitly supports the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and opposes BDS (the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign which attempts to isolate and delegitimize Israel, a path that will not lead the Palestinians any closer to statehood, nor Israel and the Palestinians any closer to peace.

The proposed fund specifies that the Palestinian Authority, the Palestine Liberation Organization and Hamas are ineligible to receive funding; and that individuals or groups involved in or advocating terrorism are also ineligible to receive funding.

The Partnership Fund for Peace Act deserves your support. Please co-sponsor H.R. 3104/S. 1727.

Thank you for your support.