Spring Convention Successes

(Sacramento, CA, May, 02, 2021) Progressive Zionists of California is encouraged by the California Democratic Party’s endorsement of timely hate crime and police reform legislation, and by exciting progress on support for an International Fund for Israeli Palestinian Peace at its annual convention.

In the Resolutions Committee, we worked on many fronts supporting the people-to-people partnerships and peacebuilding of the International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace. Inspired by the vision and values of engagement and friendship building of the fund, PZC leaders reached across the aisle to our Palestinian friends and advocates to write a resolution that reflects a shared vision of dialogue, engagement, and even the hard conversations. There’s more to come on this at the next California Democratic Party (CDP) Executive Board meeting!

In the Legislation committee, the CDP has formally endorsed several pieces of timely legislation that PZC submitted to fight hate crimes and demand stronger accountability and transparency from law enforcement. These bills range from strengthening existing requirements for law enforcement to undergoing comprehensive hate crime training to creating standards for decertifying law enforcement officers who are serial rules abusers. 

“This convention presented numerous challenges, but I am pleased with how we came together to address them. The pandemic, the aftermath of the Capitol insurrection, the toll of white supremacy on our communities, and the tensions currently in Israel and Palestine have informed the work we’re doing now and into the future”, said Executive Director Susan George. “We won’t be the brokers of peace in the California Democratic Party,  but we can encourage peacebuilding initiatives that honor both Israelis and Palestinians.” 

We look forward to working with partners to promote civil society initiatives that will bring Israelis, Palestinians, and Californians together. As the events of the past few weeks have demonstrated, there can be no sustainable resolution to the conflict until people choose to live together in peace. 

About Progressive Zionists of California

Progressive Zionists of California (PZC) is a grassroots collective of activists and California Democratic Party leaders dedicated to reshaping the discourse around Zionism and antisemitism in California Democratic politics. PZC educates activists about antisemitism and intersectional Zionism with a firm commitment to Palestinian statehood. Our constituents advocate for pragmatic progressive platforms, resolutions, and legislation around domestic and Israel-related issues.

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