PZC praises CADEM rebuke of Omar BDS bill, condemns endorsement of divisive McCollum bill at E-Board

The California Democratic Party formally affirmed that anti-Zionism and antisemitism are connected, yet endorsed a federal bill that could imperil a two-state solution.

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Progressive Zionists of California (PZC) commends the California Democratic Party (CDP) for passing a resolution affirming the link between anti-Zionism and

antisemitism and for taking no position on Rep. Ilhan Omar’s BDS legislation at the CDP Executive Board meetings in San Jose on Saturday and Sunday.

PZC also expresses grave concern over the Executive Board’s 75-25 vote to endorse Minnesota Rep. Betty McCollum’s divisive bill, which imperils a two-state solution by connecting US military funding to Israeli security practices regarding the detention of minors. The bill has also been promoted by an antisemitic organization with deep ties to terrorism.

PZC’s resolution“Clarifying How Anti-Semitic Hate Speech Harms Jews and other Zionists in the California Democratic Party”is a first in the party’s history.

The resolution details the well-documented link between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

“We are delighted that the party has chosen to affirm Jews and Zionists right to fully participate in California Democratic politics as their authentic selves,” PZC steering committee member Susan George said. “It is unfortunate that the party has chosen to support McCollum’s fatally flawed bill. This is a tacit endorsement of terror groups as well as full endorsement of an approach which is harmful to Israeli and Palestinian children alike.”

In addition to presenting a one-sided and dishonest picture of Israel’s security issues, the bill criticizes Israel for failing to apply its own civilian law in the West Bank. However to do so would amount to annexation, which would violate the “two states for two peoples” principle that both the state and national Democratic Party platforms support.

“We urge the California Democratic Party to reconsider endorsing McCollum’s misguided bill, even as we look forward to continuing our work with our partners,” George added. “As 2020 approaches, it is more important than ever to ensure that support for Israel remains a bipartisan issue and that Democrats focus on kitchen table issues affecting millions of everyday Americans. We are committed to defeating Donald Trump, stopping his sycophants in the Republican Party, and helping build a more equitable America for all.


PZC is a grassroots coalition of Democrats that supports the self-determination of the Jewish people in their ancestral homeland, addresses antisemitism wherever it arises, supports progressive policies in the California Democratic Party, and stands against the undemocratic policies of right-wing Israeli leadership.