PZC Encouraged with the November Executive Board Meeting Results

(November 15, 2020) PZC is pleased with progress made in the California Democratic Party (CDP) this past E-Board.  We are thrilled to have passed a resolution supporting peace-building and normalization efforts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), as exemplified by the Middle East Partnership for Peace Act and the Abrahamic Accords. 

We commend the Resolutions Committee for voting to uphold human rights for all refugees vis- a-vis the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which outlines important freedoms of asylum and return for oppressed and persecuted peoples throughout the world.  This along with an earlier PZC resolution which opposes any unilateral actions in Israel/Palestine, make it clear that the CDP supports the rights of refugees worldwide, while also safeguarding the self-determination of the Jewish people.

We also commend the committee for passing a resolution urging Democrats who are interested in traveling to Israel and Palestine to seek out a diversity of views and perspectives and to “reach out to local and/or national groups engaged in advocacy for peaceful coexistence and justice…to make the appropriate connections on the ground.” 

“This is remarkable progress overall”, said Executive Director Susan George. “It is more important than ever to promote normalization and dialogue between Israelis, Palestinians, and those interested in learning more for themselves about the region. The resolutions passed at this Executive Board meeting will help ensure that the CDP helps model these difficult conversations.” 

We are grateful to our friends and partners who help shape our thinking on these complex issues, and for their support in the CDP, to help make this Executive Board meeting such a success.

About Progressive Zionists of California

Progressive Zionists of California (PZC) is a grassroots collective of activists and California Democratic Party leaders dedicated to reshaping the discourse around Zionism and antisemitism in California Democratic politics. PZC educates activists about antisemitism and intersectional Zionism with a firm commitment to Palestinian statehood. Our constituents advocate for pragmatic progressive platforms, resolutions, and legislation around domestic and Israel-related issues.