CA Progressive Zionists Decry “Anti-Israel” Test in Questionnaire

Jewish Journal

Aaron Bandler

January 27, 2021

Susan George, the executive director of PZC, said in a statement to the Journal, “As progressive Zionists we stand for a more progressive vision for California, especially at a time when so many people are falling through the cracks due to the pandemic, lack of health care, housing insecurity and joblessness. It’s baffling for Progressive Delegates Network to have 2 of their 5 issue affirmations focused–obliquely though clearly enough for those familiar with the issues–on a complex, international conflict. Moreover, the leadership of the Progressive Caucus has spearheaded numerous anti-Israel or BDS [Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions] efforts in the party, including the floor fight at the November 2019 convention over a platform plank that would have the California Democratic Party endorsing a unilateral Palestinian right of return to Israel. So when organizers tell us, ‘this is not really about Israel,’ please excuse us when we call BS.”

She added that two of the organizers of the Progressive Delegates Network had previously “attempted unsuccessfully to have the caucus endorse a stridently anti-Israel, pro-BDS organization, US Campaign for Palestinian Rights” in 2018.

PZC has launched a petition calling on the Progressive Caucus leadership and state party leadership to ensure that “progressives who support a Jewish and democratic state and peace between Israelis and Palestinians but oppose discriminatory boycotts must not be forced out of progressive spaces.”

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