Breathing a little easier

Progressive Zionists of California is always appreciative of letters to the editors like this!

J the Jewish News of Northern California

“We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to Susan George and Matthew Finkelstein for the frontline work they are doing in saving the soul of the California Democratic Party (“State Dems pass three pro-Israel resolutions”).

As co-founders of Progressive Zionists of California, they are doing the important work of educating Democrats about the natural alliance between Zionism and progressive values, and pushing back against the pernicious attempt to pit one against the other.

Thanks to their efforts and those of their colleagues, the California Democratic Party has now adopted language that validates that Jews are a people who, like all other peoples, have a right to self-determination; explicitly acknowledges that anti-Zionism can be a form of collective anti-Semitism, in which Israel is targeted as a symbol for the Jewish people; and spells out in detail the many guises in which anti-Semitism masks itself.

These are historic achievements and I for one breathe a little easier knowing that California Democrats have my back. Thank you, Susan and Matthew and Progressive Zionists of California.”

Malka Weitman

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