Antisemitic Propaganda Masquerading as Social Justice

The Fresno Bee recently ran an article, “Jewish groups oppose Clovis visit by author critical of Israel policies.”

Calling Alison Weir a “critic” of Israel, is like calling David Duke a “critic” of Black or Jewish people.

In 2018 Weir visited my home of Vallejo, California. During Weir’s presentation, an audience member exclaimed: “Maybe Hitler was right!”

Visibly shaken, the person I came with asked if anyone heard this; heads nodded affirmatively. He then asked Weir to condemn these words. Weir and all were silent. We were horrified.

Weir’s hate rhetoric is strikingly similar to white supremacists. David Duke–former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard–promoted an article by Alison Weir on his website, commenting: “The following article shows once more how our government is securely in the hands of the Jewish supremacists and how their press supremacy works hand-in-glove to maintain that supremacy.”

The same rhetoric Weir employs was used by the Poway synagogue shooter last April.

Does Clovis Community College (CCC) know this? Would white supremacists have been granted permission to use CCC’s facility? Why was the college’s response concerning Weir so tepid?

Free speech is critical. So is strong condemnation of Alison Weir.